Kerio Valley by road – A baffling spectacle.

Great post most def adding Kerio valley to my 2015 Bucketlist and great to see you went to Raji’s place – Naiberi camp its a great camp and the owner is crazy fun 😀

The Bucketlister


Long weekends in Kenya present the perfect chance to explore. This is a land where people do not wait for summer to go on holiday. The outbound traffic on major national highways is a good sign of this craze by a growing middle class population to go on road trips. The Madaraka weekend concluding on 1st of June presented the perfect opportunity to explore new places. With a team of 8 other friends and business associates we set out on an expedition to explore the Great Rift Valley. The adventure team consisted of explorers Kayuney, Charlene, Lawi, Rahab, Wambui, Linda and Safari experts Duncan Kiema of Xtrym adventures, Warda Jebet of Yolo adventures and Munyaka Njiru of Black Hammock(author).We left Nairobi early before the rural highways were converted to city streets by holiday happy self drive travelers.

Camping being our preferred option, we had a little fun squeezing the gear into…

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Lake Baringo

Guess am not doing very well when it comes to posting 😯 oh well, better late than never. In February we ventured out to Lake Baringo, none of us had been before and it being a few hours from Nakuru we thought why not. The first hour and a half were pretty easy as the road is quite smooth. The last strech of the road took us 1hour, not because of the distance nuh uh the gianomous swimming pools in the middle of the road. I pittied fellow travellers in small vehicles as they could easily get lost in the potholes.

We finally arrived at our destination, Roberts Camp.DSC08169

Its a nice camp the amenities were clean, the beer cold and we were on the shores of Lake Baringo.

Our tiny camp 😊
Our tiny camp 😊

Having set up our tiny campsite we went on a boat ride, it was wth every shilling. It was so peaceful


The bird life was spectacular, had I written this post earlier I would remember the names of most of the birds we saw, next time I will jot them down as I see them.😉



This guy was by our camp 😊
This guy was by our camp 😊

Other than the birds there were Hippos and Crocs as well. What i found crazy was kids swimming in the lake andCrocs were not that far away. With out guide teloing us that the crocs were not dangerous!!!! Yeah right never ever !!!!!!!!

His backflip was impressive
His backflip was impressive


Mother nature


In the morning after breakfast, we set out to a Pokot village where some one 😉 and I am not mentioning names, might have gotten married to a couple of ladies.

All in all it was a great trip and would definetly go back again. As always until the next time be safe. If you want more info or help planning a trip to Baringo feel free to conact us

Rafting on the Nile

Happy new year!!!!!!

Towards the end of last year, things got crazy busy(we took over management of Punda Milias Nakuru Camp) and I wasn’t able to share with you guys my travel escapades.  But this year I will try as much to keep you guys up to date☺

Rafting has been on my bucket list for a while now and this week I packed my bags and off to Kampala I went. I stayed at Forest cottages. The place is everything you see on the website and the best value for money I have come across.

Thursday morning we started our journey to Jinja, we were there by 10:00 am met our guide Blair – he is the one on the ground,  took a photo and we were off.



We were all smiles then we came across our first rapid, granted it was small but boy was I tense.


Now that I got all my nerves out of the way, let the games begin 😃




Can you spot me in the pic? I think Blair was having too much fun😉



Wait for it
Wait for it
We flipped in the Nile
We flipped in the Nile
Whooooaaaa perfect ending to an amazing day

I am definitely going back to do this, it was the most fun I have had ever swimming on the Nile was amazing I think I can get used to it. I a think I will quite my day job and start a new career as a guide on the Nile😀.

Untill the next time,  if you want more info on rafting on the Nile write to us on

Mashujaa Weekend Getaways

Mashujaa Special

Its never too early to start planning, take a look at some of our Mashujaa Weekend packages.

  • Samburu (3 days/2 night) staying at Sentrim Samburu
    Residents- Ksh 25,000
    Non Residents – $430
  • Amboseli (2 days/1night) Staying at Kibo Safafri Camp
    Residents- Ksh 16,000
    Non Residents – $255
  • Maasai Mara (3 days/2nights) Self Contained tented campsite
    Residents- Ksh 16,000
    Non Residents – $345

Packages include: Round trip transport from Nairobi, meals and accommodation as stated above, park fees and game drives.

For more information on any of them contact us on  or call 0704204819/0726823355

Please note that we have daily departures to the Maasai Mara at the same rate, For Amboseli and Samburu (Groups of 5 or more) we can give you these package through November.

Samburu-Naivasha-Maasai Mara

I have been meaning to get started on this series since i got back from safari a few days ago, but being away from the office for a whole week is no small feat. The amount of work that i had piled up *sigh* I want to go back on the road 😦

We started our safari in Samburu National Reserve, if you never been there please make a point of doing so before the end of the year. Samburu might not be the biggest reserve but compared to the Maasai Mara  it is not as crowded and has a diversity of rare animals that cannot be found anywhere else. Enough rambling, onto the pics.

Just look at those ears :)

Grevy's Zebra,Samburu National reserve

I was that close :)

I was that close 🙂

River Ewaso Nyiro
The landscape was just amazing
Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 016
These little guys were just crossing the road

Reticulated giraffe

There seemed to be a migration of these birds i have never seen so many but the blue colour was kinda cool

There seemed to be a migration of these birds i have never seen so many but the blue colour was kinda cool


Somali Ostrich

it looks so fragile
it looks so fragile

Naivasha was our next stop and the gorge never disapoints

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 375

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 368
Yes we were that high up

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 355



Onto the big cats in the Mara

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 421

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 431

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 442

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 455

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 472

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 477

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 522

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 534

Samburu Ol Pejeta Mara 544


Rudy’s Guesthouse Karen

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to get an invite from Rudy’s Guesthouse Manager Joyce- a delightful lady- and took her up on it. When I first arrived, the home was absolutely stunning from the outside.Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels???????????????????????????????

The inside was even better…Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels???????????????????????????????

?Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels??????????????????????????????

Wine anyone????Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels??????????????????????????????

We then proceeded to go out back to the outdoor patio to have our lunch.Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels???????????????????????????????

Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels???????????????????????????????

It was difficult choosing from the menu as everything sounded delicious. After much internal debate I decided upon the Veal Cordon Bleu with a side garden salad. Wonderful choice I might say as I pat myself on the back.Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels???????????????????????????????

My lunch date was pretty happy herself.Rudy's Guesthouse-Tusafiri Africa Travels???????????????????????????????

Well do not want to take to much of your time, but will tell you if you want a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend away then Rudy’s is definitely the place. Close to Nairobi but far enough away. Very near the Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Center, Karen Golf Course, etc. it is the ideal place for you and a loved one. Rooms are glamorous and very spacious. Staff and Rudy himself are courteous, attentive and always carrying a smile. I undoubtedly, 100% recommend contacting Rudy’s Guesthouse in Karen. Even if just for the lunches and dinners, it is so worth the visit.

Horsing around

It feels like its been years since I posted anything, its not from a lack of desire but just of the time to sit down and compose my thoughts. Recently we went to our second home Punda Milias Camp Nakuru. Incase your hearing about Punda Milias for the first time, where have you been????????? They have amazing food,ridiculously affordable prices and the staff are just amazing to mention but a few things.


Just a few pics of the food, we all know how much i loooovvvveeeee my food

Let me start by saying this, I had never been on a horse before and with good reason. I have seen enough movies to know that a horse has a mind of its own and it the images of it running and me falling off with one of my legs stuck in the saddle being dragged away 🙂 ( I have watched too many movies) was etched in my brain.

But cz everyone was going on horseback I couldn’t be the woos that stayed behind. We got to the stable and it was a pleasant surprise,nothing at all like what I expected.

Horse back safari
Just look at that smile 🙂
Horse back safari
Mr Director showing me how its done

Horse back safari Horse back safari

I loved the view from up top and it was not scary at all, wouldn’t you know it I was the one asking the instructor if I could gallop 🙂

We went all the way down to Lake Elementaita through Soysambu conservancy, but we forgot our cameras 😦 but the view was just amazing . We got to see a lot of game from Water bucks to Gazelles, Monkeys and a lot of Bird life. Next time I go i will most def remember the camera. But there is no feeling like it. I now know what I want for Christmas, A HORSE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said until the next time and hit us up if you want us to organize this for you believe me you will get addicted.

Chic Safari

Found this post  A CELEBRATION OF FINE SOUTHERN AND EAST AFRICAN LODGES on Africa Geographic. The Beauty and Serenity that Africa that has to offer just leaves me in awe. Having spent the last month in gloomy Nairobi I would love to be whisked away to any of these amazing resorts 😉


 Hit us up if you want to experience these amazing resorts for yourself.

Courtesy of Africa Geographic

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