Camping In Ngare Ndare Forest – Making Like A Monkey

Its always nice hearing of new places to visit, will most def plan to visit later on during the year when its nice and hot 🙂

The Kenyan Camper

The temperature was dropping rapidly and Daniel my guide was going to have to spend the night out in the open. For some reason he had refused my offer to make use of the car for the night. It was strange for me to sleep in the (relative) warmth of my tent knowing someone was sleeping exposed to the elements.


Ngare Ndare (Maa for “goats water”)  Forest is the main corridor between Mount Kenya and Lewa Conservancy. Ngare Ndare is the only indigenous forest in Kenya with an expanding canopy cover, and some of the ancient African Olive and Red Cedar trees within it are thought to be around 200 years old.

Getting There

The forest is 4 hours out of Nairobi and  just 40min out of Nanyuki so its a good location for a weekend even from the capital city. Road from the main road to the forest is…

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